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How to Choose

Step 1

Check your roof pitch to verify that it works with your intended products

Deck mounted skylights

Roof window

Roof window

Curb Mounted skylights

Pan-flashed skylights

Step 2

Choose the ideal product category

Electric venting skylights Overhead installations that need natural ventilation, especially kitchens and baths.
Manual venting skylights In-reach or overhead installations, not requiring escape and rescue, where skylights natural ventilation and manual operation is desired
Roof windows In-reach installations requiring emergency escape and rescue capabilities such as above-garage bonus rooms and finished attics.
Fixed skylights Installation where ventilation is not desired, but where a view to the outside would still be beneficial.

Step 3

Identify your ceiling style and optimal size and configuration.

Your ceiling scale and framing configuration determines how your skylight shaft can be constructed. The skylight shaft can have a major impact on the way daylight is delivered and on the architectural drama of your room.

VELUX has several sizes that fit perfectly between trusses. Since trusses typically can not be cut, the effort of a wider skylight can be achieved by combining two smaller skylights together using VELUX combi-flashing.

Step 4

Select your glazing type (traditional skylights only)

Most VELUX glasses skylights are available in a variety of glazing options, each designed to meet the needs of specific building situations. All VELUX skylights glazings are build using energy efficient, LoE3, argon gas injected dual glass panes.

Step 5

Select your sun screening accessories

VELUX offers a variety of blind options for your new skylight. Everything from blackout blinds to stylish venetian blinds.
* 30% federal tax credit applies to the cost of product and installation of VELUX solar powered blinds installed between January 1, 2009 and December 21, 2016. For complete information on how to qualify visit www.veluxusa.com.

Step 6

Select your controls

VELUX offers a variety of electric and manual controls to operate our venting skylights and blinds.