Control your environment 

Light, fresh air, the optimal use of space – all at the touch of a button – that’s what you get with VELUX home automation solutions. For more than 30 years, we have developed the world’s most advanced electrical roof window product range.

Our main focus has always been to provide the most innovative electric and solar powered solutions that empower the user with maximum control over their environment.

At the top of the list is our new electric venting "no leak skylight" combined with our new Pick&Click™ blinds. This system provides full control over the amount of light, heat, and fresh air that enters your room. The advanced RF remote allows the users to create advanced programs that automatically control the skylight and blind maximizing energy efficiency.

Create your own personal light and fresh air solution today utilizing VELUX blinds, electric, and manual controls.

KLC 160 power supply for electrical blinds KLF 100 home automation integration kit
(VSE and VCE)

The KLF 100 home automation integration kit provides two advanced functions. It acts both as a repeater that extends the RF range for large spaces, as well as a home automation integration kit.