All our venting skylights are pre-equipped with insect screens, but for the roof windows, we offer optional insect screens which allow you to open the roof window and get fresh air inside without letting the bugs in.

Have all your meals with your family – without any uninvited guests, even with the windows open with a VELUX Insect screen. It is installed on the wall so you can use your window as normal.

And whenever you do not need to use the screen, you simply roll it up in the aluminium casing. It can be combined with all types of VELUX Blinds.

  • Net is hidden in top casing when not in use – so it does not obstruct your view
  • Works with all types of VELUX Blinds
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth



As the screen is designed to be installed on the wall, you may not be able to install Insect screens when more roof windows are installed right next to each other.

Because the insect screen is placed on the wall, not the roof window, the light shaft opening dimensions determine the size of the insect screen required. Please follow the steps below to order the correct insect screen.
Insect screen dimensions
  1. Measure light shaft dimensions from inside the room.
    (See picture to the right)
  2. Choose the ZIL size closest to while larger than your light shaft dimensions.
    (View the roof window size chart for sizing information)
  3. Order your insect screen.   Email us or call our toll-free customer service hotline at 800-88-VELUX (1.800.888.3589).