Security locks We attach great importance to your security and safety

VELUX offers a range of products and accessories with the objective of deterring entrance through the roof window beyond the general safety level.  For example, the present range of standard VELUX roof windows can easily be fitted with a safety lock made of steel. You can fit this lock in the frame yourself.

When the safety device is locked, it is not possible to open the sash, but the ventilation function of the window will still work.

We offer the following keyed locking handles for use with roof windows:
ZZZ 152 for use with GPL
ZZZ 159 for use with GDL "CABRIO"  

»  Building codes require windows used for emergency egress to be operable from the inside without the use of keys or tools. Do not add a keyed lock to a VELUX roof window if it is used as a means of emergency egress.

»  VELUX roof windows are designed to be opened and operated by adults. Do not allow children near an open window.

If you have any questions please contact our customer service department.