Blackout blinds

The blackout blind can convert day into night, blocking even the brightest sunlight, which makes it perfect for rooms that require total room darkening such as bedrooms or TV/entertainment rooms. Perfect for afternoon siestas and light summer nights.

If you choose a VELUX blackout blind, you will enjoy total blackout plus optimal heat protection.

Order your blackout blind today
Order your blackout blind through our online blind shop.  Most blinds are in stock and will arrive in as little as 2-4 business days. 

Product details

  • Maximum light blocking - tight design and light blocking fabric block sunlight so that less than 2% enters the room.
  • Color - Your choice of color with thermo coating on the non-visible side.
  • Glare control - eliminates direct sunlight to significantly reduce or eliminate glare on your TV or computer screen, which increases the versatility of the room.

    Energy efficiency
    The blackout blind has an energy efficient aluminum coating on the exterior side that acts as a heat barrier, increasing energy efficiency up to 20% and reducing your heating and cooling costs due to the better natural climate control in your room.

    Quick and easy installation
    VELUX will install your choice of stock color blind at the factory.


30% federal tax credit

KLR 100 advanced RF remote ZCT 300 manual control

Block the light using only the power of the sun.  No wiring.  No electrician.  Operated via KLI keypad.

Available for FS, VS, FCM, and VCM and QPF skylights
Operated via our new advanced RF remote.

Available for FS, VSE, FCM, and VCE skylights
Operated manually for in reach applications or via rod.

Available for FS, FCM and QPF skylights