Flashing EDL A crucial part of our complete system. VELUX flashing systems are designed to shed water without relying on sealants that can break down over time. We offer a variety of flashing systems to ensure a weathertight fit for virtually all roof types and slopes. 

Note: Flashing systems are not required for pan-flashed skylights or SUN TUNNEL™ skylights. 

High profile flashing, shingles/sk=hakes EDL Low profile roof flashing
Flashing systems for roofs with thin roofing materials such as shingles or shakes.
Low profile flashing, tile roofing - EDW High profile roof flashing
Flashing systems for roofs with thick roofing materials such as spanish or concrete tile.

Metal roof flashing Metal roof flashing
Flashing systems for metal roofs.
Underlayment Underlayment
Provides added protection from extreme weather conditions.

Solutions for flat or low-sloped roofs
VELUX offers a variety of different solutions for flat and low-sloped roof applications.