EKW combi-flashing is designed to work with multiple deck mounted skylights or roof windows grouped together on high-profile roofing materials such as concrete and Spanish tile. Skylight EKW flashing system is designed for roofs with slopes from 14º (3:12) to 85º (137:12). Roof window EKW systems are designed for use with required GPL or GDL roof pitches.

This modular system allows easy installation of an unlimited number of units closely together to dramatically transform interior spaces with natural light.

Skylight configurations
For skylight configurations, 4" spacing is required for side-by-side and over-and-under

configurations. Over and under configurations are not available for EKW.

Note: skylight spacing dimensions will vary from actual gutter width - see installation instructions.

Roof window configurations
For roof window configurations, 4" spacing is required for both over-and-under and side-by-side configurations. Roof window combi-flashing is available as a special order item with varying lead-times.