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Flat/low sloped roof

Commercial skylights on roof VELUX offers a variety of different solutions for flat and low-sloped roof applications. Choose from the options on this page to find the solution that is right for you.

Electric venting skylight - VCS Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight (VCS)
Curb mounted skylight powered by a solar panel.

Electric venting skylight - VCE Electric venting skylight (VCE)
Curb mounted skylight that opens with the touch of a button.

Manual venting skylight - VCM Manual venting skylight (VCM)
Curb mounted skylight that opens with manual controls.

Fixed skylight - FCM  Fixed skylight (FCM)
Curb mounted skylight with an outside view, but no fresh air.

Biepack flashing Biepack flashings (ECB)
Flat roof option for deck mounted skylights.

CVA skylight Commercial skylights
Flat roof options for commercial applications.