VELUX skylights are available in a variety of glazing options, each designed to meet the needs of specific building situations. All VELUX skylight glazings are built using energy efficient, LoE3, Argon gas injected dual glass panes.

Laminated glass Laminated glass 
Energy efficient, tempered, laminated safety glass.
Tempered glass Tempered glass
Energy efficient, tempered glass.

Impact glass Impact glass
Special glass designed for hurricane prone areas.
White laminated glass White laminated glass
Energy efficient white laminated safety glass.

Miami-Dade glass Miami-Dade glass
Special glass designed to withstand high velocity hurricanes.
Snowload glass Snowload glass
Special safety glass required in some heavy snow areas 


All glass may be subject to unexpected and spontaneous breakage
in rare circumstances due to imperfections in the glass that are undetectable during the manufacturing and inspection process by the manufacturer of the glass and VELUX.

VELUX offers the choice of laminated or tempered glass skylights. Miami-dade glass, impact glass and laminated are all types of laminated glass. Tempered is a type of tempered glass.

Laminated glass is a combination of two or more glass sheets with one or more interlayers of plastic (PVB) or resin. In case of breakage, the interlayer is designed to hold the fragments together. Tempered glass does not contain an interlayer to hold the fragments together. Instead, tempered glass is designed to break into small, pebble-like pieces. When tempered glass breaks, pieces of glass come loose and may strike an individual.

Consult local regulations and/or building material consultants to determine which type of glass is right for you or if laminated glass is required in your application.