Impact glass Impact glass is designed to meet the stringent impact test requirements for hurricane prone areas. A wide range of fixed and venting skylights are now available in Impact Glass, including the ultimate skylight— our model electric venting deck mounted skylight (VSE).

  • High energy efficiency results in a more comfortable living environment and money savings on utility bills.
  • NFRC rating is substantially better than required by most common building codes.
  • Provides three times more protection against solar heat gain.
  • Resists condensation twice as long as clear glass.
  • Protects interior spaces by reflecting the vast majority of the sun's fade causing rays.
Impact glass is a laminated, LoE3, argon gas-filled glass designed for maximum safety and energy efficiency.

Impact glass is available in select sizes for most VELUX skylights including:
  • Electric venting deck mounted skylight (VSE skylight)
  • Manual venting deck mounted skylight (VS skylight)
  • Fixed deck mounted skylight (FS skylight)
  • Electric venting curb mounted skylight (VCE skylight)
  • Manual venting curb mounted skylights (VCM skylight)
  • Fixed curb mounted skylight (FCM skylight)
  • Pan-flashed skylight (QPF skylight)
See our skylight sizes in our literature library for details.

We stand behind our products with a promise of lasting service. All VELUX insulated glazing units (IGUs) are backed by our 20 year warranty. For details, download our warranty brochure.